Yes it is true, today we are going to talk about water.
Just a simple thing that come out of your sink, and I’m going to tell you the top 10 things about why water is so amazing?!
So let’s begin!
1: you get a healthy heart:
Yes it sounds a little bit weird, but water gives you less change of a heart attack.
The American Journal of Epidemiology proved it. They tested people who drunk 5 glazes water a day and people who drunk 2 glazes water a day, and after that they saw that the people who drunk 5 glazes water a day had 41% less change of a heart attack.
2: energy:
If you are dryish then all your energy flows away, and you feel tired. But if you drink more water you get more energy.
3: lose weight:
This counts not for all people but people who want to lose weight faster, water might help you.
First it replaces drinks with a lot of calories and sugar, and second it helps you to make you less hungry,
4: moving your body:
If you are doing some workouts or you go jogging or something than of course you need more water.
Water stimulates you energy and it’s like a power boost and not letting you dry out.
And when you are sporting you lose a lot of sweat and moisture so it is better to drink some water after.
5: cancer risk:
Related to the digestion, to drink water gives you less change to get cancer.
And mostly we are talking about cancer to your intestine, to your bladder and to you breast.
6: cleansing the body:
Water keeps the dirt from your body away and remove them from you body.
7: digestion problems:
This only counts for people with digestion problems.
So water helps you with digestion problem and It help you to cleans.
8: healthy skin
Water gives you a very healthy skin.
Water helps you cleanse your skin from inside out,.
9: headache
Water could help you from headache.
Mostly if people have a headache it normally comes because they don’t have enough water inside the body. So here is a tip: if you have a headache, before your try your medicine, first try some water to help you out.
10: thirsty?!

If you are thirsty your body keeps reserve water to keep you hydrates and that way helps you to make yourself heavier, so if your drinking enough water you can avoid that


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