about me

Hi everyone,

My name is Mila and as you can see i just started a blog.
This blog is going to be about health and fitness.
On this blog you can find tips and tricks about health and fitness, excercises, tips about healthy living and food and many more things.

I am in my third year of high school and i'm fifteen years old.
after my high school i want to do something with traveling because i really like to travel around the world.

In my free time i really like to keep me buzy with health and fitness.
i had a period where i ate very less.
but i learnt something about it: to be healthy and fit you don't need to eat less but you need to eat healthy and work out!
that sentence helped me.
i started eating healthy and working out.
and then i realized that i really like to work out and eat healthy.
i think it is so much fun to keep yourself buzy with healthy living!

Love Mila

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