what I use and wear when I am doing workouts or when i am going to sport outside

so the first post on my blog, i'm really exited.
today it is going about things i use and wear when i am doing a workout or when i sport outside.

so i have different sport shorts from short shorts  to long shorts and from tight to loose short.
when i'm doing a workout at home i normally wear a short one because inside it is mostly warm and if i am honest i find it more comfortable to wear a short one. and of course when it's summer and it's warm outside i'm wearing a short one outside. but in the winter when i'm jogging i'm wearing the left long short, it is a thigt short and it really fits everyone. when i have gym on school i also wear a long short but if it's warm then i am wearing a short one.

and now the shirts.
i also have different sport shirts from a long sleeves to tank tops and from tank tops to crop tops or sport bra's.when i'm exercising at home i am wearing the crop top or the black tank top because i really like to workout in them and they are fitting very good. when i'm having gym on school or when i'm going to sport outise i'm wearing the grey top or the black long sleeve top. the grey and the black one on the right side are very wide and they are fitting very comfortable.

and of course we can't forget a workout mat. when i started with working out at home i did it on a towel or plaid to not hurt my back and butt. but then i was done with the towel and plaid i wanted a real workout mat.
i bought this for about 10 dollars and it is thicker than a normal yoga mat. from the moment that i bought the mat i enjoyed the workouts more because my back and butt didn't hurt anymore. and it is pleasant to do a workout on a matt!

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